Dosen Pembimbing
Badri Munir Sukoco, SE.,MBA.,Ph.D


Family business have a major contribution to world economic growth. But behind the contribution of family business in the economy, the issue of sustainability of the family business always interesting to talk about. Appearing contention in the family company that created the first generation, second generation to develop, and the third generation destroys. The succession process is referred to as the most influential factor for the sustainability of the family business. This study focuses on the succession process that occurs in the Bangun Arta Group to achieve business sustainability. This study used explanatory qualitative methods. The results of this study indicate that the succession process occurs in four stages, namely the initiation stage, the stage of integration, involvement in the management stage, and the stage of resignation. Resistance and conflict in the succession process caused by differences in leadership style, cultural change, successor desire to prove himself outside the family firm, and predesesor who still feel able to work. Communication has a very vital role in reducing conflict. Social values, religion, and familiness has a very big influence in the process of succession.
Keywords: family business, succession processes, predecessor, successor, Bangun Arta Group

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